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Star Signs: Gemini

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Which Star Sign were you born in?

If you were born between the 22nd may 21st June, then you were born under the star sign Gemini. In this page we examine the image associated with Gemini, current and hostroic names for Gemini, look at historic figures born under Gemini and share interesting facts about the Gemini star sign.

GEMINI. TWINS. Air sign, (22nd may 21st June)

AIR. Dominate Star MERCURY.

French, Gemeaux. German, Zwillinge. Italian, Gemelli. Anglo Saxon, Ge Twisan. Anglo Norman, Frere. Persian, Du Paikar, or Do Patkar. Chaldean, Tammech. Khorasmian, Adhupakarik. Assyrian, Mas-Mas.

Other names for the month.

Akkadian, Kas. Assyrian. Simanu.

General description

Twins. One mortal, one immortal, but not always; in India the twins are often, a boy and girl, this occasionally happens in other cultures, as Apollo and Artemis, of Greece, they can also be two pairs, as in the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan, where Leda bore Polydeuces and Helen via Zeus, and Castor and Clytemnestra by her mortal husband Tyndareus.

Famous ancient Gemini’s

Castor and Polydeuces/ R. Pollux. (other associated names. Dioscuri, Cabeiri, also, the house of Mercury)

Remus and Romulus of Rome. Herakles and Iphicles of the Greeks. Apollo and Artemis of the Greeks. Amphion and Zethus of the Greeks. Acrisius and Proetus of the Greeks. Benjamin son of Jacob in the Old Testament. King David and Johnathan in the Old Testament. Saul- who became Paul, the Apostle.


Shepherd, herdsman, poet, singer, player, of lyre, harp, guitar, swordsman, tactics, foot and horse, hunter, warrior, protector of sailors and ships, magic.

Colour. Yellow, white, red

Associated planet.


Body parts

Shoulders, arms, hands

Emblems and symbols.

Egg shells, lance- spear, club, sickle? Staff, Snake-tamer, a ship, a pile of bricks, Saint Elmo’s fire; peacocks (Arabian), gazelles, or, kids (Chaldeans and Phoenicians), sprouting plants (Egypt), the Great Pyramid.


Bonsai (potted trees) and all nut bearing trees, especially, the hazel, walnut, and sweet chestnut trees, also willow, though water, and the plane tree for its five-pointed leaves. Under the influence of Mercury, aspen, cedar, bamboo, hazel, mulberry tree.


Wolf, white horses, peacocks, gazelles, kid goats,

Signs and constellations around them. From direct right clockwise

The Crab (Cancer), Canis minor (Procyon- little dog), Orion (the Hunter), the Bull (Taurus), Auriga (the charioteer.) also, below, Canis major, and Argo (ship) also a unicorn. Above them Ursa Major and Minor.

Notes of interest

It is reported that Philip the 2nd had fallen in love with Olympias (mother of Alexander the Great) when they were both initiated into the mysteries of Cabeiri (Gemini Twins) on the island of Samothrace, in Greece.

In the 17th century Gemini was considered highly influential over the south of England. Gemini was in the ascendant during the Great Plague, of London in 1665, and the Great Fire of 1666. The building of London Bridge was started the Gemini was favourable.

Ancient countries etc. under the influence of Gemini include.

Rome, and the Euxine Sea.

Modern countries and cities supposedly under the influence of Gemini, include,

Flanders and Marseilles, in France, Lombardy in Italy, Cordoba in Spain. Brabant and Bruges, and Belgium generally, Wales in general but especially Cardiff. London, and Plymouth, England, lower Egypt, Armenia, the Ukraine, Sardinia, and America in general, but especially, San Francisco.

General qualities

Great talkers, peace makers, writers, musicians, versatility, Chinese- yin-yang.

Less known but important qualities

In the movable zodiac Gemini is reckoned as the 3rd sign, but this was instituted when Moses entreated the Hebrews, to realise the Age of Taurus had passed into Aries, it has since passed into Pisces, and now nearing Aquarius, when the complete cycle of the ages renews itself; and Gemini thus becomes the 5th sign again.

In sacred astrology (the immovable zodiac) it is and was always the 5th sign. It thus, constitutes the 5th Element, and is the sign of the Messiah, or Messenger. It is the only sign that can cross the Milky Way, that is travel between Earthly and Heavenly realms. Hence the ability of Mercury to travel back and forth between them bringing, taking messages to and from the gods.


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