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Star Signs: Capricorn

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Which Star Sign were you born in?

If you were born between the (22nd December- 20th January, then you were born under the star sign Capricorn. In this page we examine the image associated with Capricorn, current and hostroic names for Capricorn, look at historic figures born under Capricorn and share interesting facts about the Capricorn star sign.

Capricorn. Earth (22nd December- 20th January)

Capricorno- Italian, Steinbock- German, Shurmsu-Babylonian, Tevet- Hebrew, Bucca Anglo-Saxon,

Other names for the month

Teletum-Babylonian, Tevet- Hebrew,

General description

From ancient depicted as half goat half fish figure,


Black, dark grey, russet,

Associated planet


Body parts

Thighs and knees

Famous ancient Capricorns

Emperors Julius Ceasar, Vespasian. Joan of Arc and France. Michel de Nostradame of France (later Latinised to Nostradamus.)


Emblems and symbols.

Goat, ibex, eagle,


Yew, pine, elm and dark leaved trees in general; under the influence of Saturn, beech, cypress, pine, yew, tamarind


Goat, fish,

Signs and constellations around them. From direct right clockwise

Aquarius, Eridanus, Pisces Australis (southern fish), Sagittarius, Antinous, Aquilla, Delphinus, and Pegasus.

Notes of interest

Anciently it was considered the gate of the gods to ascend by, descent being in Cancer. A coin found in Kent, struck by British prince Amminius, shows Capricorn, although Kent itself comes under Taurus.

Ancient countries etc. under the influence of Capricorn include.

Spain, Germany, France

Modern countries and cities supposedly under the influence of Capricorn, include,

India, Greece, Macedonia, Thrace, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg, Saxony, Wilna, Mexico, Oxford

General qualities

Patient, endurance, perseverance

Less known but important qualities

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