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Nostradamus Book 37: The DUKE(S)

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The verses herein directly relate to The DUKE(S). Characters who are also connected to The DUKE(S) are treated separately: see also Italy, France, Armenia, Germany, Belgium, the The Black One, Barbarians, Byzantium. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on The DUKE(S).

Yellow Text indicates a link to a supporting book, century or verse from Nostradamus

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 98

The Albanois will pass into Rome,
By the means of Langres half hidden wrapped under clothes,
Marquis and Duke will spare no man,
Fire, blood, smallpox through water the crops to fail.

[see Italy for more info.]

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 73

The nephew of the great one to be tried by force,
The treaty made by one with the cowardly heart;
Ferrara and Asti sounded out by the Duke,
Then when in the evening will be the pantomime.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 31

The king will gain that which his heart desired,
When the prelate is blamed unjustly,
But his reply to the Duke will leave him wholly dissatisfied,
He who will then in Milan execute several.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 96

The army denied access to the city,
The Duke will enter through persuasion;
Shouting out to lead the army to the weak gates,
They will set it on fire, death and effusion of blood.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 64

Weep Milan, Lucca and Florence,
As your great Duke climbs into the chariot:
To change the see, or siege near to Venice to advance,
When then the Colonna of Rome will change.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 41

The great Selin" href="">Chyren will seize Avignon,
From Rome letters dip in honey full of bitterness;
Letter and embassy to leave from CHANignon,
Carpentras captured by the black Duke with the Red plume.

Avignon and Carpentras are near to each other, in SE, France. I suspect chanignon is a bastardization of Chantilly above Paris, To, rhyme with Avignon?

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 27

The guard of the wood (branches?) the wind close around the See will be,
The highly received one will strike the Dauphin,
The old reckoner the united branches will pass,
Passing far beyond the place of the confines of the Duke.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 94

He will transfer into greater Germany,
Brabant and Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne:
The false truce, then the great Duke of Armenia
Will assault Vienna and Cologne.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 87

In the forest by the typhoon (touphon)cleared,
By the hermitage will be placed temple,
The Duke of Estampes through a ruse invented,
From mont Lebori, Prelate made an example (or given.)

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 51

The Duke eager to follow his enemy,
Into the impeding phalanx will enter,
Hastily by foot they will come to pursue them so closely,
That the day will bring battle at Ganges {in France]

Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 4

The Duke of Langres besieged within Dole,
Accompanied by Autun and those of Lyon:
Geneva and Ausbourg, with those of Mirandola,
To pass over the mountains against those of Ancona.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 80

The Duke who will want to exterminate his followers.
Will send the strongest ones to foreign places;
Through tyranny to ruin Bize and Luc,
Then the Barbarians without wine will gather the grapes- harvest.

EL, has Bize and Luc as, Pisa and Lucca? But there are communes in France by those names? But consider the following verse.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 83

The signal for battle will not be given,
They will be obliged to go out of the park;
Around Ghent the banner will be recognised,
Of him who will cause all his followers to be put to death.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 82

Cries, tears, laments will from those carrying knifes,
Seeming to flee, they will give the final attack;
To set up high platforms around the park,
The living pushed back and instantly murdered.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 22

The king (Roi) his court in the place, speak in tongues?
Within the temple, face to face with the palace;
In the garden the Duke-s, of Mantor and Alba,
piercing words in the palace.

Mantor- Mantua?

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 38

While the Duke, king and Queen are occupied
with the captive of Byzantium of Samothrace:
Before the assault, one will eat the other,
Rebours, ferre will follow the trail of blood.

Ferre= shod, as a horse, headed, tipped, or bound about with metal, metal or hotheaded? Rebours=backward, contrary; or, rude, wild, savage?

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 91

For the French (Gauloise) Duke compelled to fight a duel,
The ship Mellele, Monaco will not come near,
Wrongly accused, perpetual prison,
His son will attempt to rule before he dies.

Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 29

The great Duke of Alba will come to rebel,
He will betray ancestors:
The great one of Guise will overthrow him,
Led captive, monument prepared.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 55

By the pacified Duke en arrachant l'esponce,
Suddenly Arab sails seen,
Tripoli, Chois and those of Trebizond, [Trabzon]
Duke captured by-on the Black Sea, and the city deserted.

In Century 6, Verse 55, EL. JH. Have, in drawing up a contract? Yet I find, 'arracher' to root up, draw, tear etc. and 'esponce', quit, left, abandoned, forgone, etc. He is not making a contract, but tearing up one.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 9

The great arch demolished down to its base,
The friend captured anticipated by the chief,
He will be born to the lady with the hairy face and forehead,
Then by deceit the Duke entrapped and killed.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 15

The fatherly Duke in his old age gasping of thirst,
In his last days, his son denying him the jug:
Plunged alive in the well, will come up dead,
Senate to the son death drawn out and swift.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 11

Below Jonquera a dangerous passage,
The Posthumous one will have his band Cross:
To pass through the Pyrenees without his baggage,
From Perpignan, the Duke will hasten to Tende (alpine region).

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 33

The cruel faction of the long robe,
Will come to hide under the pointed daggers,
The Duke to seize Florence and place the diph-longue,
(I suspect diphthere= the skin of the Amalthien goat, wherein Jupiter is pretended to record all human history.)
His discovery through grumblers and flatterers.

Immurs from Latin, imurmur-o-are, to grumble whisper among. Flaugnards is bastardised to rhyme with poignards, end line 2, which I render Flatterers .