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Nostradamus Book 2: Armenia

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The verses herein directly relate to Armenia. Characters who are also connected to Armenia are treated separately: see also, Germany, Belgium. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on Armenia.

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Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 95

The realm left to 2, they will not hold long (in peace),
3 years and 7 months passed they will go to war,
2 vestals will rebel against them,
The younger one victorious the land of Armenia.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 50

In the year that the brothers of the Lily come of age,
One of them will hold, great Rome:
The mountains to tremble, Latin passage opened,
Agreement to march against the fort of Armenia.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 94

He will transfer into greater Germany ,
Brabant, Fanders, Ghent (Gand) Bruges and Boulogne:
The truce false, the great Duke of Armenia, will assault Vienna and Cologne .

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 54

From the Black Sea and the great Tatary,
There will be a king who will come to see France,
He will strike through Alanya and Armenia,
And within Byzantium he will leave his bloody rod.

Alanya is a city in the district of Antalya province, on the southern coast of Turkey. Due to its strategic position on a small peninsula into the Med Sea below the Taurus Mountains, it has been a local stronghold for many Mediterranean Empires.