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Nostradamus Book 50: NEPTUNE and his trident soldiers

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The verses herein directly relate to NEPTUNE and his trident soldiers. Characters who are also connected to NEPTUNE and his trident soldiers are treated separately: see also The Red One, the SHAVEN one. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on NEPTUNE and his trident soldiers.

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Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 78

The great Neptune, from the depths of the sea,
With the people of the Punic and French race mixed;
The Iles bled, because of 'tardif ramer,'
'plus luy niura que 'occulte mal cele.

There are many things-points in need of discussion in this verse? As usual EL. JH. & MR. understanding of time Nostra is talking of, are lacking.

Their inability to see that the verses are part of a past and ongoing story, leads them to neglect what they have already read and should have learned and remembered.

Most countries in the world have, and will become a melting pot of mixed blood, thus Races; of both by blood and Religion.

Let us consider the last part of line 3 and 4th line, in detail.

'pour le tardif ramer: plus luy nuira que l'occulte mal cele'.


Tardy, slow, slack, lingering, remiss, backward, long in coming; dull, unwieldly, lazy. Although the word 'tardy' =slow, or late; is still an English word, we are more likely to hear it in these times, used in the detrimentally sense, as, retard, retarded. In which general sense, we use it to signify someone who is thick, stupid or ignorant, either in their mental capacity, or even worse, of those physically incapable. But in its broader sense, it signifies to delay, slow, draw out a thing, generally by indecision, whether through genuine, or ingenuine reasons.


To argue, row, to stick or prick full of boughs. The sense of this word is to impede, attempt to obstruct somethings path, to stick pins into, or as the throw sticks or branches into a river or stream, to slow or block its course or flow.


Is +, to add to, as, plus grand, = much, even greater, more great.


He, himself; that, the same man.


Hurt, offend, annoy, hinder.


Hidden, private, concealed, secret, obscure.


Evil, bad, ill; hurtful, harmful, indecent, etc.


Hidden, concealed, kept secret, covered.

This endless debating by ignorant politicians, and people with influence; delaying of necessary decisions and actions will cause several countries in the future, unnecessary, suffering, even total defeat. If there are 4 kinds of people even 5, that the world could do without, it is politicians, judges, lawyers, priests and those bloody do-gooders. Line 4.

More harm it will do to him, than the badly concealed secret.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 64

The chief of Persia will occupy the great Olcades (Spain),
The Tritenne fleet against the Mohammedans,
Via Parthia and Media to pillage the Cyclades (numerous islands off Greek coast,
Will rest a long time at the great Ionian port of Izmir.

Reluctant to go too far with this one, at this stage. However, EL. JH. MR. all have 'trireme' line 2? Wrong! It is definitely Tritenne, and correctly so. It is as Tritten, Triton, or Trident, Neptune's warriors. Equally the Authors opinions on this verse are Pollux. Nostra does not state the port in question is Izmir, but it is and was the greatest Ionian Port.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 77

Between to seas he will erect a promontory,
He who will then die by the bite of a horse,
Neptune will fold the black sail for one of his own,
through Gibralter and fleet close by the Rock-Rocheval.

Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 59

The French fleet with the support of the great guard,
Of the great Neptune, and his trident soldiers;
Provence reddened to support the great troop,
Even war at Narbonne, through rockets and missiles.

Nostradamus Presage 2

The Tyrrhenian sea, the Ocean through the guard,
Of the great Neptune, and his trident soldiers;
Provence secure through the power (hand) of the great Tende,
More war at Narbonne by the Heroic de Vilars.

Century 2, Verse 59 and presage 2 are almost identical, indeed so identical it beggars belief that none of the previous Authors have realized, and made mention of it.

2-59: Classe Gauloise par appuy de grande garde,
P 2: La mer Tyrrhene, l' Ocean par la garde,
2-59: du grand Neptune & ses tridans souldars;
p 2: Du grand Neptune & ses tridents soldats;
2-59: Rongee Provence pour soustenir grand bande,
P 2: Provence suere pair la main du grand Tende,
2-59: Plus Mars Narbon par javelotz & dards.
P 2: Plus Mars Narbon l' heroique de vilars.

Conclusion: Both Century 2, Verse 59 and presage 2 are about the same set of events.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 33

Jupiter allied more to Venus, than the Moon,
Seemingly of white wholeness,
Venus hidden under whiteness of Neptune,
struck by war through cutting branch, or cutting of the branch?

EL & MR. have granee, in line 4: MR, renders it 'seeded' as if it signified grain? EL, has 'stew'. But they also differ on the last word,

EL, 'gran/ee blanche; white stew.

MR, 'gran/ee branche. Seeded branch.

JH, 'grav/ee branche.' White gravel?

I see, gravee in the original.However, EL & MR, are wrong on several counts, 'grane-s' signifies, treason, disloyalty, treachery, not grain. Thus, at best, EL, should have 'treacherous white one' or MR, 'treacherous, or disloyal branch.'

JH, has 'white gravel?' but 'grav/ee' either signifies, cut, pierced, or entered into, or shaking. And while he has 'branche' a branch or bough, he wrongly renders it as 'white?'.

This verse has a twin, Venus, is pretending to be innocent as white as snow, hiding behind the whiteness, innocent reputation of Neptune, is the sense behind lines 2 & 3.

Nostradamus Presage 12

Venus, Neptune will pursue-prosecute, carry on the enterprise,
Pensive ones confined, troubling to the opponents;
Fleet in the Adriatic, the Tamise towards the cities,
The forth brute wounded at night while sleeping.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 1

After combat and naval battle,
The great Neptune in his highest belfry- watch-tower;
The Red adversary will through fear grow pale,
Putting the great Ocean in terror.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 90

A shameful stinking abomination,
After the deed he will be happy;
A great excuse for not being favourable,
That to peace Neptune will not be encouraged.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 62

Blood will be seen to rain down on the rocks,
Sun in the East, Saturn in the West;
Close to Orgon war, at Rome great evils witnessed,
Ships sunk or melted suddenly, and seized by the Tridental; or, and the tridental captured?

Nostradamus Presage 39

Through spite nuptials, wedding song,
By the 3 parts-parties, Reds, Shaven Heads parted;
To the young Black One, the soul restored by fire,
To the great Neptune, Ogmois converted.

Nostradamus Presage 2

The Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ocean through the guard,
Of the great Neptune and his trident soldiers:
Provence secured through the power of the great Tende;
More war at Narbonne by the heroic de Vilars.

Presage 2 and verse 59 of chapter 2, are almost identical, indeed so much so, that it beggars belief that no previous authors have mentioned it?

Original French.:

2-59. Classe Gauloise par appuy de grande garde,

Presage 2: La mer Tyrrhenne, l'Ocean par la garde,
Century 2 Verse 59: du grand Neptune & ses tridans souldars,
Presage 2: du grand Neptune &ses tridents soldats
Century 2 Verse 59: rongee Provence pour soustenir grand bande,
Presage 2: Provence suere par la main du grand Tende,
Century 2 Verse 59: plus Mars Narbon par javelots & dards,
Presage 2: Plus Mars Narbon l'heoique de Vilars.

The verse and the Presage are about the same events.

Nostradamus Presage 12

Venus, Neptune will prosecute the enterprise;
Pensive ones confined, troubling to the opponents:
Fleet in the Adriatic, cities towards the Tamise,
The Forth brute wounded at night while sleeping.

Nostradamus Presage 39

Because of anger, nuptials, wedding songs,
Into 3 parts Red ones and Shaven heads separated:
For the young Black one, his soul restored by exposure to the fire,
Converted to the great Neptune Ogmois.

Ogmois is the name the Celtic god, the Romans called Hercules, and the Greeks called Herakles.