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Nostradamus Book 9: Hungary

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The verses herein directly relate to Hungary. Characters who are also connected to Hungary are treated separately: see also Pollux, Queen, Byzantium, Arabs, Germany, Africa, Italy. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on Hungary.

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Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 90

Through life and death, the realm of Hungry [ongrie.] changed,
The law will be more bitter than slavery;
From their great city, howls, laments and cries,
Castor & Pollux enemies 'dans la Lic.'

I see EL, JH, have 'lice' MR. 'lyce.' End of line 4. I see 'LIC,' in the original. EL. JH. Render it arena, MR. lists.

There is no doubt a great pull, by the events of 1956, to associate this verse with Hungarian bid to break away from Soviet power.

Indeed, if it wasn't for line 4, it would be near impossible to argue against such an idea.

However, Castor and Pollux are twins; in quite a number of verses two brothers, who may well be twins are given to argue unjustly, their war will have disastrous effects on the whole of Europe. This verses is neither fulfilled or failed. In the future, the main religious faith of Hungary, along with others thereabouts will change, its axis reversed more than once around the Pole.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 15

Towards the North great efforts made by a mannish woman,
To trouble Europe and almost all the world,
She will put the 2 esclipses into utter route,
And to reinforce life and death of the Hungarians.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 62

Near to Sorbin (Sorbs) for the assault of Hungry,
The herald of Brudes will come to avertir;
Byzantium chief, Sallon of Sclavonie,
To the law of the Arabs he will come to convert [Ongrie.] Hungary.

Avertir-avertin, in a frenzy?

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 61

Betta, Vienne, Emorte, Sacarbance,
Will want to hand over [pannone.] Hungary to the Barbarians (Arabs);
Extreme violence through rockets and fire,
The conspirators will be discovered by the Matron-(mother.)

I am inclined to think the names in line one are not, places, but the names of the traitors, although disguised?

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 63

Cydron (Cydonia?) Raguse (Dubrovnik) the city of St Hieron (Jerome?),
To flourish again with medicant, Secoured.
Sons of the king dead, killed by two Hero-n,
The Arabs and [hongrie.] Hungary will take the same course.

Medicant, of Latin, medication, remedy, portion- antidote?

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 90

The captain of the great Germany,
Will come to deliver false offers of help;
To the king of kings, of [pannonie] Hungarian aid,
So that his revolt will cause a great flowing of blood.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 48

After the great affliction of the Sceptre,
Two enemies will be defeated by them;
A fleet from Africa will appear before the [Pannons] Hungarians,
By sea and land there will horrific deeds.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 13

In a furious rage the Roman Belgian king will want to vex the Barbarian phalanx,
Furious clashes, chasing the Lybians,
From Hungry to the Pillars of Hercules.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 28

Sails SYMACLE at the port of Marseille
The Hungarians to march into the port of Venice;
Parting from the gulf and bay of Illyria,
Devastating Sicily, cannon shots from the leaguers.

Difficult verse. EL, suggests Symacle, maybe from Greek, signifying, allies, alliance? If so we might read line 1 as, allied sails in the port of Marseille?

Line 2. Might be thus, to the port of Venice to march against the Hungarians. However, line 3, cannot be changed.

Line 4, be cannons fired at the ligurians?

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 30

At the port of Pula and St Nicholas,
The Normans to perish in the gulf of Kvarner (Quarnero, which Nostra renders 'gouffre phanatique,' Latin, Sinus Flanaticus.)
Cap. In the streets of Byzantium the alas, {like, woe to me.]
Aid from Cadiz and the great Philip.

The Istria region was part of Illyria, the gulf of Kvarner, is very deep, at its northern end it can take capsized ships with ease. In the previous verse c 9 v 28, we have, 'du gouffre et sinus Illrique', thus, 'from the gulf and bay of Illyria.' May that not be the very place eluded to?

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 47

The great Arab will march forward,
He will be betrayed by those of Byzantium,
Ancient [Rodes] Rhodes 'luy viendra au devant,
And even greater evil caused by the Austro-Hungarians. [austre Pannonois.]

EL. JH. & MR. all seem to agree on the translation of line 3, basically, stating, that those of Rhodes will come to meet him?

It is quite obvious from line 4, that they did not come to welcome him, quite obviously if the Austrian Hungarians did even more evil than those of Rhodes, those of Rhodes must have done or intended him some bad.

A half-wit, a fool who thinks he has knowledge is more dangerous than the blockhead who knows he has none.

Devant, can signify before, as in former times, but also, as our deviant, going against the norm. but as the word maybe bastardized to rhyme with Avant, {last word in line one} I think 'devants', is the most appropriate to the sense; that being, stands, hides, places, wherein men with bows and dogs, etc. stand and wait, to shoot, hound or watch passing deer. Thus, we might realise they are taking pot shots at the passing Arabs- ships, harassing them.

[or, perhaps they are just out of work 'meet and greeters from Walmart? 'hi, welcome to Hungary, have a nice day wiping them out. Or perhaps as deviants they will have men stood on shore, dressed in women's clothes and flashing their arses; as Hendrix said 'make love, not war.']

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 58

Near to the Rhine from the Noric mountains,
Far too late, a great one of the people will be born;
Who will defend Sarmatia and the Hungarians,
Of whom one will not what became of him.

JH. Links this verse to Hitler? MR, odd? I am inclined to think otherwise, and would link Sarmatia to the Ukraine?

I am also fed up with the fools that pretend Hitler may have survived, an idea that JH, lends support to. Utter nonsense, he was an Antichrist, his time was over, the only question there could be, is, was it suicide?


Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 89

Within Hungary, through Bohemia, (and from) Navarre,
Under the banner of saintly seditions,
Through the Fleur-de-Lis region carrying the Bar,
Against Orleans they will cause violent commotion.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 17

Changes at Beaune, Nuits, Chalon, and Dijon,
The Duke wishing to send away the Bar,
Walking by the river, fish in pigeon's beak,
He will see the trail, the door (or gate) locked.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 9

Depending on the Eagle and the Cock at Savona,
They will be united with those of the Eastern Sea and Hungary,/a>,
The army at Naples, Palermo and the March of Ancona,
Rome and Venice, though the Barbarians terrible cries.