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Nostradamus Book 39: EMPIRE(S)

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The verses herein directly relate to EMPIRE(S). Characters who are also connected to EMPIRE(S) are treated separately: see also France, Italy, Arab, Germany, Philip, Celt(s), Bronze beard, Blond. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on EMPIRE(S).

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Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 67

One opposite in disposition will attain the great Empire,
Distant from goodness even more so from happiness:
Ruled by one issued not far from the brothel,
Corrupt, realm in great sorrow.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 65

The old one frustrated in his principal hope,
He will come to be the head of the Empire:
20months he will hold the realm with great foresight-power,
Tyrannical, cruel by giving in to one worse.

If he wasn't bad enough, he who advises him will make worse.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 60

An Emperor will be born close to Italy,
Who, will cost the Empire very dearly:
They will say by the people that rally to his side,
He will be found to be more of a butcher than a Prince.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 57

From simple soldier, he will attain to Empire,
From buskins to the longue robe:
Valiant in arms, to the church oh, so dire,
To vex the priests like a sponge sucks up water.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 93

In Avignon the chief of the whole Empire,
Will make a stop at Paris which is utterly desolated (only dogs, cats and vermin will remain):
The Tricast will hold back the Annibalique anger,
Lyons will be consoled by evil through the change.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 45

The great Empire will soon be desolated
And transferred to near the Ardennes forest:
The 2 bastards beheaded by the oldest one,
And Aenobarbe, with the hawk nose will rule.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 92

The world nearing its end,
Saturn will slowly return,
Empire transferred towards the Brodde nation,
Eye plucked out by a hawk (autour) at Narbon.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 31

The holy Empire will come into Germany,
The Ismaelites (Arabs), will find open places,
The Asses likewise will want Carmania,
The supporters all covered by earth.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 95

The nautical oar (Rame- branch) will desire, or seek the shadows,
Then it will come to provoke the great Empire:
The Aegean sea encumbered by wood
Impeding the water, diverted to the Tyrrhenian sea.

Nostradamus Century , Verse

Before the coming of the change of Empire,
A very amazing deed will occur:
The field changes, the column of porphyry
Placed, transferred to a new rock.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 34

The French one who will hold the Empire through war,
Will be by his beautiful younger brother betrayed:
By an untamed vaulting horse to be dragged,
For the deed the brother will be hated for a long time.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 81

The new Empire in desolation.
Will be changed by (those) of the North:
From Sicily, will come the commotion,
To vex the enterprise of Philip. Tributary.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 32

The great Empire will soon be transferred,
To a place very small which very soon will come to increase:
A very tiny and cramped county (shire- Earldom.)
In the middle of which he will come to place his Sceptre.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 3

The flood that tries the new Celtic heir'
Will be in great disagreement with the Empire:
The young Prince through the church people
Will remove the Sceptre and crown of peace.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 74

After having rested they will wander into Epirus,
The great relief effort will come towards Antioch:
The black frizzy haiRed One (noir poil crespe) will strive hard for the Empire,
The bronze-beard (barbe) will roast him on a spit.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 39

The Rhodians will demand help,
Through the neglect its heirs abandoned.
The Arab Empire will reveal its intentions,
The cause redressed by the west (or Spanish).

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 18

The Lily of the Dauffois carried into Nancy,
As far as Flanders the Elector of the Empire:
New confinement of the great Montmorency,
Outside the approved place delivered to obvious punishment.

Dauffois, in most likely the Dauphin the heir to the French throne.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 39

At night, the highest one strangled in bed
Because of spending to long with the blond elect,
The Empire enslaved by 3 in substitution,
Put to death packet and paper not read.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 45

There will never be a single soul left alive to ask,
The great Mendosus will obtain his Empire,
Far from court, he will make a contrary demand,
In Piedmont, Picardy. Paris, the tyranny the worst.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 32

The great Empire everyone being endeavour for it?
One upon all the others will come to obtain it,
But of a short duration will be his reign and being,
2 years by the navy sustained and rotten.

Pourra, as pourri=rotten, foul, putrefied.