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Nostradamus Book 29: The CAGE(S)

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The verses herein directly relate to The CAGE(S). Characters who are also connected to The CAGE(S) are treated separately: see also Duke, Italy, Byzantium, Serpent, Cock, Lion and the Eagle. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on The CAGE(S).

Yellow Text indicates a link to a supporting book, century or verse from Nostradamus

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 95

The new one made leader of the Army,
Almost cut off, until and close to the shore,
Reaching the help of the Milan elite,
The Duke deprive of his eyes in an iron cage in Milan.

Nostradamus Century , Verse

Even greater calamity through famine and bloodshed,
Seven times it will approach, (pester, threaten) the marine shore:
Monaco by famine, place taken and captured,
The great one taken, hooked, or hung in a metal cage, (croc, a grapple or great hook, but it might signify, crouched, bent?).

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 47

The undersigned of an unworthy delivery,
Having contrary advice from the multitude;
A change of monarch put in peril of decline, (hanging in the Balance)
Shut up in a cage they will see each other face to face.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 38

While he occupies the Duke, king and Queen.
The chief of Byzantium captured in Samothrace,
Before the assault one will eat the other,
Rebours ferre will follow the trail of blood.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 10

The Serpent transported in an iron cage,
To where the 7 children of the king (roi) Are held captive;
Their forefathers will rise from hell
Before dying seeing their fruit dying and crying.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 35

The young Lion ill overcome the old one,
On the field war, in a single battle,
In a cage of gold, he will burst his eyes,
Two fleets joined, then to die a cruel death.

Nostradamus Century , Verse

Beasts ferocious from hunger will Cross rivers,
The greater part of camp will be against Hister,
In a cage of iron the great one will make his plans,
When the child of Germany ignores everything.

[See book 2, for true insight.]