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Nostradamus Book 65: The Valiant Ones

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The verses herein directly relate to The Valiant Ones. Characters who are also connected to The Valiant Ones are treated separately: see also France, Celts, Empire, Branch. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on The Valiant Ones.

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Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 37

10 sent to put the Captain of the ship to death,
By one green (youthful, -inexperienced) in the fleet war opened: or,(of one to warn of war in-amongst the fleet.)
In confusion, the chief and another (or, the one) prick and bite each other,
At Lerins and Hyeres ships, Cap (tain) within the 'nerte'.

Nerte, in French signifies a myrtle shrub: this cannot be correct, the true word has been bastardised to rhyme with ouverte, end line 2. However, 'Neree' is a title of Neptune. {thus a hint as to where he's hiding or holding out.] EL.JH.MR. all, have 'warned by one' beginning line 2? From, 'D'un averti?' or better read, d'un a verte, of-by one too green?

Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 28

The captain will conduct a great proie,
Upon the mountain, the enemy very close,
Surrounded by fire he will cut such a path,
All escaped, except 30 put on a spit.

The word I have rendered Except, is 'or'in original, usually taken as gold, it is a conj. Of: now; but. -but 30 put? Proie, is not a word, but as voie, ends line 3, should read Voye, we get proye= prey, (victims), spoils, booty.

Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 52

For several nights, the earth will tremble,
In the Spring two efforts at the same time:
Corinth and Ephesus will swim in 2 seas:
War stirred up by 2 valiant de luite.

EL. JH. Think Luite signifies combat? MR. fighters? The word as so many has been mutilated for rhyme, it must have been Luiton- as Luiton de mer, a seaman or Triton. I don't doubt that they are 2 sea captains. Nostra seems to only use the titles, captain esp. and valiant most times, or together, to refer to persons who control ships or fleets.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 83

Combat during the night by the Valiant Captain,
Overcome a few of the immoral people fleeing,
His people stirred up, sedition not in vain,
His own son will hold him under siege.

The word I have rendered, immoral, is Proflige, EL.JH.MR. all, seem to think it means, overthrown, conquered, ruined etc. but that is wrong, it is the same as the English 'profligate' =recklessly, extravagant, shamelessly immoral, corrupt etc.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 92

The head of the Valiant Captain will be cut off,
It will be thrown before his adversary:
His body hung from the ship's Antenor,
Confused, fleeing by oars against the wind.

Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 2

The blue head will make upon the white head,
As much evil as France has done them good:
Dead, or death, of, or, at Antheve the great one hung from the branch,
When the king taken by his own he will ask how much?

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 14

Through the branch (Rameau- thus offspring)
Of France infime: through the unhappy father,
Honours, riches troubles in his old age,
For having taken the ignorant advice of a simpleton.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 99

The valiant elder son of the king's daughter,
He will hurl the Celts very far,
Then to cast thunderbolts, so many and in such array,
short and distant then deep into the West.

Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 10

By the great Prince bordering on Le Mans,
The courageous and valiant chief of the great army:
By land and sea with Bretons (gallots) and Normans,
To pass Gibraltar and Barcelona, the isle pillaged.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 57

From simple soldier, he will attain the Empire,
From short robe to long:
Valiant in arms, to the church the very worst,
To vex the priests as a sponge absorbs water.