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Nostradamus Book 28: The BRANCH(ES)

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The verses herein directly relate to The BRANCH(ES). Characters who are also connected to The BRANCH(ES) are treated separately: see also, France. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on The BRANCH(ES).

Yellow Text indicates a link to a supporting book, century or verse from Nostradamus

Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 20

Brothers and sisters in diverse places held captive,
to find themselves passing near the monarch:
Contemplating on his offspring (rameaux) attentively,
Displeasing to see the marks on chins, noses and foreheads.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 14

Through the branch(rameau) of a valiant person,
Of France, infamous: because of the unhappy father
Honours, riches, troubles in his old age,
For having believed in the advice of a simpleton.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 30

Because of stormy sea a foreign ship,
Will approach an unrecognised port,
Notwithstanding the signals from the branch (rameau) of the palm,
After death, pillage: good advice arrives too late.

For palm, original has 'palmerin' a simple bastardisation to make it rhyme with Marin, end of line 1. For palme is French for palm, which as in English can signify the palm of the hand, or a palm tree.