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Nostradamus Book 56: The RED ONES

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The verses herein directly relate to The RED ONES. Characters who are also connected to The RED ONES are treated separately. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on The RED ONES.

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Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 7

Late arriving the execution completed,
The wind against, the letters seized on the way;
By 14 conspirators of one sect,
Through the red haiRed One, senez, the enterprise.

Senez. Of sen/e, synod, assembly of curates-priests.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 15

Close to Parpan the Red Ones detained,
Those in the middle parfondres led far away,
3 cut to pieces, and 5 badly sustained,
For the Seigneur and prelate of bourgoing?

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 22

Coursan, Narbonne, through the salt to warn Tuchan,
The grace of Parpignan betrayed,
The red town will not want to consent to the deed,
Through high fleeing the grey clothed one life to fail.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 11

He who will have the government of the great Cappe,
will be induced by some to cause an offence;
the 12 Red Ones will come to soil the cloth,
under murder, murder they will come to commit.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 1

After combat and naval victory,
The great Neptune in his highest belfry,
The RED adversary in fear will become pale,
Putting the great Ocean in dread.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 46

The just one will be sent back into exile,
By plague to the confines of Nonseggle,
His reply to the Red One will cause him to stray, or be misled?
The king retiring to Rane (frog- France) and the Eagle.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 44

On the sea, the Red One will be captured by the pirates,
Because of this [his] attitude the peace will be threatened;
The hate and greed committed by his betrayal,
Will cause the great Pontiff to double his army.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 22

Before the great one at Rome has given up the ghost,
Great terror to the foreign army;
Through squadrons ambushed close to Parma,
The 2 Red Ones will celebrate together.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 38

To bring an end to peace,
The enemies after having conquered Italy;
The Black One hungry for blood, by the Red, will be commissioned,
Fire (so much) blood spilt, the water reddened. [see 8. Black One]

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 57

He who was well advanced in the realm,
Having the Red chief near the hierarchy;
Harsh and cruel, he will make himself greatly feared,
Succeeding to the sacred monarchy.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 80

The blood of the innocent widows and virgins,
So many evils committed by the order of the great Red:
Holy images soaked with burning wax,
Through horror and fear none seen or heard to speak. (or words to that sense.)

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 91

The conductor of the naval war,
Red One turned loose, harsh, horribly violent;
Captive escaped from the elder one in a bale:
When will be born to the great one a-grippe.

The last word, agrippe, has nothing to do with the Roman Agrippa? MR. has I joke of a translation and meaning thus of see, p 205 of his.] JH, has the captive escaping in a ball? One might think a ball big enough to hide a man in, rolling out of a prison, down the road might attract some attention? The word used by Nostra primarily signifies a 'bullet'?

Of the last line. I would take the idea that an extremely violent nasty piece of work was born, or brought about.

'grippe.' Seizing, grasped, grasping, taken by violence, covetous, cruel?

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 46

By the red hats new quarrels and schisms,
When upon the election of the Sabine,
They will produce against him great Sophisms,
And Rome will be wounded by the Albanois. [ those of the Duke of Alba-e, or Albanians? Or ?]

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 51

Against the Red Ones, the sects band together,
Fire, water, steel, rope the peace to undermine,
At the point of death those who will conspire,
Except one who upon all in the world will bring ruin.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 58

Of the left- hand faction at the place of Vitry,
They will spot the 3 Red Ones of France,
The Reds struck down, but the Black One not murdered,
By the Bretons restored to safety.

[there are no less than 14 places in France, starting with the word Vitry, I would favour either, 'Vitry-sur-Loire,' or 'Vitry-sur-Seine,' Paris. Because of their proximity to Brittany, home of the Bretons.]

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 50

MENDODUS will soon come to his high realm,
Putting behind him a little of the Norlaris:
The pale Red One, the virile one fills the gap,
The youth fearful and terrified of the Barbarians.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 46

Red Ones, vacate, flee from Toulouse,
Purging through sacrifice to be made,
The chef cause of evil hidden under the cloak of law- the judges,
Strangled, the executioner will interpret the dying throes.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 19

To sustain the troubled great Cappe,
The Red Ones will march to clear it up:
A family will be very nearly killed by hanging,
The red, Red Ones will strike down the Red One.

The Red One struck by his own kindred.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 2

From the top of Aventine hill a voice heard,
Be gone, be gone all of you on both sides;
By the blood of Red Ones will the anger be appeased,
From Rimini and Prato, the Column expelled.

Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 7

Upon the conflict of the great light- horseman,
They will claim the great crescent fallen,
To kill at night in the mountains dressed as shepherds,
Reds thrown into the deep pits.

Nostradamus Presage 30

Their protests will be in vain, the failing ones trussed up,
The Shaven heads captured, the pempotan elected;
The 2 Reds and 4 true Crusaders of the cross to fail,
Rains a hindrance to the all-powerful Monarch.

Nostradamus Presage 39

Because of anger, nuptials, wedding songs,
Into 3 parts Red ones and Shaven heads separated:
For the young Black one, his soul restored by exposure to the fire,
Converted to the great Neptune Ogmois.

Ogmois is the name the Celtic god, the Romans called Hercules, and the Greeks called Herakles.