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Nostradamus Book 14: Spain

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The verses herein directly relate to Spain. Characters who are also connected to Spain are treated separately: see also, France, Italy. Additional verses will be added from time to time, and commentary as fitting based on the feedback received to Nostradamus on Spain.

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Nostradamus Century 2, Verse 39

One year before the Italian conflict,
The Germans, the French, and the Spaniards for the fort:
The schoolhouse republic will fall,
Where, with few exceptions, they will be suffocated to death.

See eBook 4 Rome, Italy.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 45

Cross, peace, under one the divine word accomplished,
Spain and France united together:
Great clade close, and combat thrice as bitter:
No heart so strong that it will not tremble.

Clade, from Latin=disaster, loss (militarily) defeat, carnage, destruction and ruin (of a person) scourge, or, destroyer.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 6

New games in France (Gaul) established,
After the victory of the Insubres' campaign:
The mountains full of eyes, the great ones tied and trussed:
Romagna, (Romaigne) and Spain tremble with fear.

There seems to some confusion amongst the previous Authors, both in relation to Insubre, and Romaigne.

The exact borders of Insubre, are sketchy but roughly from Lake Maggiore, to Lake Garda forms its top end: Milan is its best, known city, and in all Insubre covers an area of about 80 to 100sq miles, at the top of the Po Valley.

Romaigne, the Authors always seem to believe, signifies Romania. But that is an error to say the least. Romania is too far away from the actions that are taking place in the verse; besides which, any Romanian will tell you Romaigne, does not, and never did relate to Romania, but to Italy and Rome. The area in question is Romagna, or Emilia Romagna, as it was at some point in history. It covers the area above the Marche of Ancona, with the republic of Florence on one side and the Adriatic on the other, up as far as the Po and the Panaro rivers, and included cities like Ravenna, Ferrara, Bologna.

EL. JH. MR. all render d' Esperie, as hesperie, signifying west, or western; thus render, mountains of the west, or western mountains, of Spain. But the French army, is at this point in Italy, and I am drawn to think Nostra, meant espier-er, to watch, spy, lookout for.

Insubre is surrounded by mountains, on three sides, only the rest of the Po Valley, running towards Romagna and Venice etc. is open.

The following verse may shed some light on the situation, and in reality, should proceed the previous.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 37

The French-man, will pass through the mountains by leaps and bounds,
He- they will occupy all of Insubre,
And his army will enter even deeper into the area,
While Genoa and Monaco push the red fleet.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 8

The Cimbres joined with their neighbours,
Will come to ravage almost all of Spain:
People amassed in Guienne and Limousin,
Will be in league with, and join them.

It would not be the 1st time in history the Cimbre have ravaged Spain, indeed in the 2nd century BC they ravaged their way through France-Gaul and Spain. Their origin is still debated, but many think they came from the area of Denmark. If so their neighbours might be the Germans with whom they have their biggest land border; although Sweden could be in the off-ing? The Belgians may also have ties? Quite why or how people gathered in Limousin and Guienne, in France, manage to join them is not obvious.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 15

Under the tomb will be found the Prince,
Who will be prized above (all those tried) at Nuremberg:
The Spanish king Capricorn (late December-January) cut to pieces,
Deceived and betrayed by the great Vvtemberg.

We must remember that a prince is the equivalent of a king, in several countries, Germany being one of them.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 14

Saturn and Mars in Leo, Spain captive,
By the Libyan chief trapped in the conflict:
Approaching Malta, Herod captured alive,
The Roman Sceptre will be by the Cock struck
As if by lightening, utterly devastated.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 19

When the Serpents will come to circle the arc,
The Trojan blood will be vexed by the Spaniards:
Through them great numbers will be corrupted,
Chief escapes, hidden in the water troughs within the grasses.

Who misleads who? The Authors, JH, MR, seem to feed off Edgar Leoni like two monkeys, believing a blind monkey that possesses a brail dictionary that some fool has used as a dart board.

All 3 Authors have 'circuir l'are' at the end of line 1.

Original has, 'circuer l'arc', it is sometimes difficult to discern whether it is an e or c, but it is definitely a c, in this case, as we shall see.

All 3 Authors have 'faict-fait tare' at the end of line 3, but the original has faincte tarc.

Line 4 has, 'cache aux mares dans les saignes.' EL, gives, 'hidden in the marshes.' JH, gives, 'hidden in the swamp, within a swamp.' And MR. has, 'protected by the ponds in the marches.'???

It is little wonder that the works of Nostra have revealed nothing before I came to write.

Mare: f. a standing pool, a trough for cattle etc. to drink from, or a little fish pond. Today we view fish ponds in the garden as a place for hobby fish, like goldfish or Koi Carp, but in days gone by they were more commonly used as places to store, hold fish, till they were required for eating, much as we still see living Lobsters sat in fish tanks in restaurants.

Saignes. Generally, it signifies blood, blood- letting, but it also signifies dog, or couch, grass.

We may have something like the killing fields of Vietnam.

The Arc. An Arc is not an altar, but is generally a box, container of revered objects. The Arc of the Covenant only contained officially the tablets of the Law, nothing else.

Now we must consider those of Trojan blood.

Nostra is not talking about the Greeks, but those who claim to be descended from Trojan blood, that is in fact the Romans themselves.

This verse is far more disturbing than it first seems.

Let us remind ourselves of the verse;

When the Serpents (evil ones) will come to encircle, (coil around)the Papacy, the Arc,
the Romans will be vexed by the Spaniards: par eux grand nombre en sera faicte tarc.

The word is not Tare, as the previous Authors render it, which signifies, loss, decay, impairment, lack or want of.

But Tarc, a kind of tar, with which sheep are marked, and (for some scabby diseases) anointed.

That thus, which I rendered corrupted, may well be termed the mark of the beast: for some will be marked upon the hand or arm, while others who have any kind of disease, or disability will be anointed with the mark upon their forehead.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 87

In the year that Sataurn is freed from his bondage,
The French territories will be flooded by deep waters,
Of Trojan blood, will be his marriage,
And he will be secured by the surrounding Spanish.

Line 1: add an A. and remove UR... Satan

EL. & JH. Seem to think Saturn is surrounded by flood waters? But the French does not say that; it merely states that the lands of the Franc- France, will be flooded, at the time Saturn is set free.

Mario Reading, apparently, as always copying from an original no one has seen, adds, sera, to the first line? Gives 'eaue' instead of eau: adds s to espagnol, and r to the end of circonde? But if that wasn't odd enough, his translation is nonsense. He renders it,

'In the year in which Saturn emerges from bondage
The territory will be flooded by water and francs
He will marry someone of Trojan blood
And will be sure to black Conde's boots?'

What fantasy school did this idiot attend?

Floating money? He thinks it be a real marriage, between a man and woman, and who the hell is this boot wearing Conde???

If you wish to complain Mr, best remember,

'Trop tard se repent le rat
Entre les pattes du chat'

I will translate it for you MR, for who knows what rubbish you will come up with.

The rat can ill plead the law,
When the cat has him under its paws.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 75

Pau, Verona, Vicenza (Italy) Saragossa (Spain),
From blades of far off lands humid with blood (stained with infected blood),
A very great plague will come with a great scab,
Relief close, but remedies very far off.

See this verse in Italy for more info

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 54

Under the pretence of a marriage treaty,
Noble gesture made by the great Selin" href="">Chyren Selin,
St Quentin and Arras recovered on the journey,
The Spanish to strengthen the wall.

See eBook 6, ref. Selin" href="">Chyren

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 64

The chief of Persia will occupy the great (Olcades) Spain,
The Tritenne fleet against the Mohammedans;
By Parthia and Media to pillage the Cyclades, (numerous islands off Greece),
Will rest at the great port of Ionian (Izmir).

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 83

The even greater sail (fleet) will set out from the port of Zara,
Close to Byzantium he will carry out his enterprise:
Loss to enemy and friend will not be,
The 3rd upon both will inflict pillage and capture.

Zara is Zaragossa, Saragossa in English, in Aragon Spain. See same verse under Byzantium, and Century 8, Verse 81, under Philip for more insight.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 71

The marine tower captured and recaptured 3 times,
By Spaniards, Barbarians, and Ligurians:
Marseilles and Aix by those of Pisa.
Devastation, fire, sword, Avignon pillaged by those of Turin.

For more insight see books on Barbarians, and France.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 88

From Barcelona, a very large army by sea,
All Marseille will tremble with terror:
Isles seized all aid by sea cut off,
Your traitor will swim on land [escapes by river].

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 3

At Arras and at Bourges, the great banners of the Broddes,
A great number of Gascons fight on foot:
Those along the Rhone will bleed the Spanish: near the mount of Sagunto (Spain)

It seems France is defending and attacking on several fronts here. Most definitely against the Spanish. I suspect the Gascons of Gascony may be fighting on foot in the Pyrenees, while those of the Rhone, have sent a fleet to attack Sagunto. But who are the Brodes at the top of France, flooding the area between Arras and Bourges with their endless banners and flags?

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 73

France through negligence assailed on 5 fronts,
Tunis and Algiers stirred by the Persians:
Leon, Seville and Barcelona to fail,
Through the Venetians denied the fleet.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 94

Before the lake, or sooner being pushed to the limit,
It's army sorely grieved for seven months, there the Spanish by the Albanois will be destroyed,
The loses caused by delaying (giving) (the unavoidably) battle.

EL, renders line 1 'Before the lake where the dearest one is put down?' from, 'devant le lac ou` plus cher fut gette.'

'Plus cher', rather, sooner etc.

JH. Renders the same line, 'before the lake where most of the treasure was cast?'

While both translations baffle me, MR, takes things to another level. He has a valuable one thrown into or watched by the lake? Line 2, 7 months old, disappointed army; 3. Spanish despoiled by the English?

While those of Albanois may be Albanians or those of Albe-Alba in France they are certainly not English. The action here is happening between the top of France and Italy, and below Germany and Switzerland.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 89

From within Hungary, through Bohemia and from Navarre,
Under the banners of Saintly (holy) insurrection:
To the Fleur-de-lis, carrying the Bar,
Against Orleans they will cause agitation.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 89

All those from Lerida (Spain) will be in the region of the Moselle River,
Putting to death all those from the Loire and the Seine:
Le cours, or secours marine will come near d'haute velle,
When the Spaniards will open every vein.

The 3rd line of Century 1, Verse 89 is very tricky. Firstly, in the original it is very difficult to tell whether it is 'le cours' in which case it would signify 'the courts?' or secours, help, relief. And we are not helped by the lines ending, for while d'haute, should give, of, from, high; 'velle', either signifies, a calf, or to calve; or if 'veller' it can signify the previous, or, to veil or cover. Or, veller can be a voiler or voilier, to veil, or, of a sail, or having sails. Velle in Latin is of 'volo', to fly.

None of these possibilities are of much help. Thus, I feel Nostra has bastardized the word for the sake of poetic rhyme. Hence line 1, ends, Mos-elle, and line 3, V-ELLE, and the original word was 'vallee', valley. Thus, we should read 'secours marin viendra pre`s d'haute vallee.' Help from the sea will come as far as the high Valley.

Today cargo ships up to 1500 tons, and up to 360ft long can reach as far as Neuves Maison, just south of Nancy.

The Moselle begins its journey in France, in the Vosges Mountains: and runs through the region of Lorraine. The main towns-cities in France are, Toul, Metz, and Thionville, it then travels along the Luxemburg border, and enters Germany fully before Triers and enters the Rhine at Koblenz.

The action in this verse will be taking place in the Lorraine region of the Moselle, with the Spanish forces slaughtering those from the region of the Seine (Rouen, Paris, and Sens) and the Loire region, (Nantes, Tours, Blois).

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 8

The Cimbres allied, having (had, or, seen) (ravaged) their neighbours -(ravaged slaughtered), will come very close to Spain;
People amassed in Guienne and Limousion,
Will be in league with them and join their army-company

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly who the Cimbres were, thus are, they may have originated from the area of Denmark, but may have spread into some of Belgium and Germany. I am inclined to perceive them as Celts. Considering the previous verse, [C 1 v 89,] the first lines might read, the Cimbres join forces, having seen their neighbours (those from the Seine, and the Loire slaughtered by the Spaniards in Moselle.) Their allied forces will head towards Spain; joined by the masses of people gathered around Guienne and Limousin.

EL. JH. MR. render lines 1 & 2, roughly the same, thus give, the Cimbres allied with their neighbours- cousins will, ravage or depopulate almost all of Spain. This may happen as a consequence, but I cannot hold their translation as correct, seeing,

'les Cimbres joinct avecques leurs voisins depopuler viendront Presque l'Espagne.'

If we read it as it looks, we get, the Cimbres allied having had their neighbours ravaged will come very near, or almost to Spain. But it cannot be read as if they were already in Spain. We need insight from over verses to get a clearer picture.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 56

The feared army of the enemy Narbon,
Will frighten the Hesperiques greatly (west, or, Spain?)
Parpignan deserted through the ignorant one of Arbon,
Then Barcelona will by sea give the piques (pikes-rockets?).

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 25

He who will hold the kingdom of Navarre, when Sicily and Naples are allies, Bigorre and landes through Foix loron will hold,
The One who will be too closely allied with Spain.

See Italy, Century 1, Verse 11, Century 8, Verse 9, Century 5, Verse 43, Century 2, Verse 16, all mention the alliance of Naples and Sicily. Crucial events will be going on in different parts of the world at the same time; in order to put the puzzle together, you must realise such things.

The kingdom of Navarre, is now part of Spain: Landes is in France above Navarre, in the lower part of Aquitaine, the area of Bigorre is near Tarbes, and there is also a Oloron in the lower part of Aquitaine. Foix is about 100miles from Oloron in the area of Ariege.

Both EL, & JH, take 'loron' as signifying Oloron. But in the original loron is written without a capital letter, whereas, Bigorre, Landes, and Foix, are. Furthermore, the sentence is rendered 'Bigorre & Landes par Foyx loron tiendra'.

It struck me, that a game is a foot? Could 'Fo-x Loron, be hinted at, there is most certainly a character who is referred to as a fox. And in C 8 v 1, we find a character referred to as PAU NAY LORON, whom previous Authors have taken to signify Napoleon? And odder still is the fact that there were 3 towns in France, all quite close, in lower Aquitaine called, Pau, Nay, Oloron. Could this Pau Nay Loron, be the Fox? If so he certainly cannot have been Napoleon, who we know from book 1, the march of the Antichrists is a Leopard.

I suspect the Fox, to be a pope, who may well turn into a Wolf?

Nostradamus Century 7, Verse 26

Foists and galleys around 7 ships,
The colours will signal deadly warfare,
The chief of Madrid-ric, will be hit by the darts of a crossbow, 2 escaped, 5 ships brought to land.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 25

Passing the bridges to come near des rosiers,
Late arriving, but sooner than expected,
Viendront les noves the Spanish at Beziers,
Qu'icelle the enterprise of the fleet will be broken.

The Authors have 'qu'icelle chasse' at the start of line 4? That makes no sense, and thus neither do their translations. EL. & JH. Render it 'so that this chasse will break the enterprise?' MR. 'so that the aforesaid chase will break the ascendancy [appropriation.]'??

The original definitely has 'classe' thus Ships- fleet, not 'chasse'.

For les Rosiers, EL, JH, have rosebushes, MR, has rose-trees???

There are two Rosiers in France, both in Nouvelle Aquitaine, in Correze, both near the Dordogne River. And there are several large bridges spanning it.

Now EL, & JH. Have rendered 'Noves' in line 3, as signifying 'new'? MR, seems renders it as 'plotting??'.

Noues, noves, is knotted, or tied, and the Dordogne, is a tidal river, like our River Severn in England, both suffer from tidal bores. That is as the tide comes in it forces water up the river, which acts like a tidal wave rushing back up the river, and the same happens in reverse as the tide recedes. This would explain how a boat or ship could travel faster, thus bring someone to their destination quicker than they anticipated. And as I can find no 16th century word for tidal, I suspect, Nostra uses, noves, to signify tide- tied. [that such an event, or true cause of it was not understood, in earlier times is not surprising, whoever made up the myths of King Arthur, has Arthur telling Saladin that the bore of the river Severn was one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.]

Beziers is on the river Orb. Quite how, or what the connection is between somebody with or an army or fleet, near the bridges on the Dordogne, has to do with the Spanish being in Beziers, is not obvious. I can only speculate that another party is perhaps attempting to join the Spanish enterprise?

There is one more point to consider on this verse, 'qu'icelle' which ought to be qui celle, is female. In others words, 'that her fleets enterprise, is broken?

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 48

From the deepest parts of Spain banners,
Coming out of the tip and ends of Europe:
Troubles passing near the bridge of Laigne,
Its great army will be defeated troop.

Laigne is on the Mayenne river in the region of Pays de la Loire, in the area near Chateau Gontier. It maybe, if this force has travelled up the Loire river from Nantes that the ships they are using cannot get any further, and are ambushed. The Mayenne runs into the main, which runs into the Loire.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 47

For the treacherous deed of the garlanded lady of Brugos,
They will impose the great Prelate of Leon,
On the through fromande?
Overcome by vagabonds and ravishers.

Nostradamus Century 9, Verse 78

The Greek lady of beauty laidique,
Made happy by innumerable suitors,
Removed to the realm of Spain,
Taken captive to die a miserable death.

Here we have another bastardization, line 1 ends,

LAIDIQUE. [all 3 have laydique?]


The French word intended in line 1, was 'laid-e' either deformed, or ugly.

Politics and love, what a hideous match. Yet it is a fact of history; young girls are betrothed to old men, or infant boys, all for the sake of alliance. Fit young men pander to old women, even those who are disabled; but only for the love of money and ease. As young women entice foolish men who have one foot and four toes already in the grave, but not for love, but for ease and money. As wives of powerful and rich men put up with their indiscretions, not because of love, but power, ease and security. Love is an institution, and far too often a mental one.

The thoughts of EL, & JH, on this verse are rubbish, but MR, always goes one step further into idiocy, rendering 'prinse' as Prince? What baffles me, is that Authors like John Hogue have not shot this fool down in flames before me.

However, we should not take this verse lightly, there will be a woman in the future, who becomes extremely powerful, and despite the fact that she looks more like an ugly man, she will during her allotted time have no problem in securing the attentions of men.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 54

One of the greatest ones will flee to Spain,
Which from a wound will bleed for a long time thereafter;
Armies passing over the high mountains,
Devastating all, and then in peace will it be ruled.

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 2

Through death, France will mount an expedition, fleet by sea, others to Cross the Pyrenees:
Spain in turmoil, people and military forces on the move,
Some of the greatest ladies led away to France.

See eBook 3, ref. France for more on this verse

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 20

Through the areas of the great river Guadalquivir, (Bethique, Latin, Betis Baetis?)
Far into the Iberian Peninsula, to the kingdom of Granada,
Cross repulsed by the people of Mohammad,
One from Cordoba will betray his country.

Nostradamus Century 10, Verse 14

Vrnel Vaucile by himself without taking advice,
Foolhardily, through fear, overcome and captured:
In the company of several pale whores,
From (or, at) Barcelona to (or, by) Chartres (reux) convicted.

Line 2. Has 'hardi timide,' EL, 'bold, timid,' JH, 'daring, timid,' MR. OTL. Seek p 439, of his work.

It is difficult to see how you can be bold, daring, or brave and timid and fearful at the same time? There is also no apostrophe between the two words?

It certainly seems the captured person was not thinking very cleverly, when in danger he thought it prudent to visit a whore house?

EL. & JH. somehow turn Chartreux, into signifying a Carthusian convent, and MR, has a Carthusian monk? When it is either Chartres in France, or the surname of the one who convicts the prisoner.

Nostradamus Century 8, Verse 50

The plague around the Capellades,
Another famine approaches close to Sagunto:
The bastard knight of the good old man,
He will cause the great one of Tunis to lose his head.

Nostradamus Century 6, Verse 64

No peace agreement made will be kept,
All the oath takers acting fraudulently,
At peace and truce, land and sea protest,
By Barcelona fleet taken by subterfuge.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 86

The chief of Ausonia (southern Italy)
to Spain will go,
he will rest within Marseille,
before he dies, he will languish a long time,
after his death one will see a great miracle.

See eBook 4 on Italy & Rome

Nostradamus Century 4, Verse 94

Two great brothers will be chassed, out of Spain,
The elder, will defeated beneath the Pyrenees mountains:
The sea reddens, on the Rhone, the blood of those from Leman and Germany.
Narbonne, Beziers, and Agde plague ridden.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 68

Leaderless people of Spain and Italy
Dead, struck down within the Cheronese:
Their delivered, betrayed through negligent folly,
Swimming in blood throughout the traverse.

Thracian Cheronese, now Gelibolu Yarimadast, the leaders fleet will find itself, stuck in the strait between Hellespont and the Black sea, where they will be caught in the traverse, the crossfire, hit from both sides by the Turks.

Nostradamus Century 3, Verse 20

Through the regions of the great river Gaudalquivir,
Far into Iberia, to the kingdom of Granada,
Crosses beaten back by the people of Mohammad,
One from Cordoba will betray his country.

Nostradamus Century 1, Verse 98

The chief who will have conducted an infinite number of people,
From the skies of their own, of customs and tongues (mixed):
5000 will perish in Crete and Thessaly,
the chief flees, saved by a supply (grain) ship.

Nostradamus Century 5, Verse 55

From the prosperous country of Arabia,
Will be born one powerful in the law of Islam:
To vex Spain and conquer Grenada,
And even more so by sea the people of Luguria (today mainly Croatia, anciently Dalmatia).

Nostradamus Presage 29

War, thunder, many camps deserted,
Terror and noise, assaults on the frontier:
The greatest fails, pardon to the exiles,
Germans, Spanish, by sea banners of the Barbarians.

Nostradamus Presage 42

The Urn found, the city tributary,
Camps divided, new deception:
Spain wounded by famine, plague and soldiers,
Obstinate mockery, confusion, evil and revelry.